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One Single Species

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What difference would it make if one single species disappeared?  That is the question Dr. Robert T. Paine asked when he was studying the intertidal life along the Washington coast.  Learn about the interesting birds and intertidal animals of this ecosystem as you follow the steps of this ecologist's landmark study in search of an answer to this question.

    “Immerse yourself in a tidal ecosystem and into one scientist’s search for an answer. Susan Quinlan weaves the tale of Dr. Robert Paine’s discovery of the importance of one single species. She does this through rich illustration and descriptive word with a sprinkling of carefully guided explanation. The reader will learn about not only the process of scientifically testing an idea, but also that this process is not simple or easy. They will come away with an understanding of the many inhabitants of the intertidal zone and the roles they each play. More importantly they will discover why connections matter everywhere in our lives.

    I had the privilege of teaching middle school science for many years and used Susan’s other books to engage my students in an understanding of the connections in our world. Wish I had this tale of keystone species then. Enjoy!”

    —Karen Zuckerman

    Chair, Sun Foundation Clean Water Celebration